All of our woven wire screens are made in house with the utmost quality craftsmanship.

We are capable of weaving a near endless variety of opening sizes, wire diameters and lengths, so there are custom aggregate screens available to suit nearly every need.

Our more popular screen sizes are often in stock however, and pre-hooked, in order to reduce customer wait time.


We manufacture most of the screens we offer ourselves, however, we do also offer a range of special imports for various purposes. General information and standard screen sizes, where applicable, are available on the right hand side of this page.

If you are unsure of the type and size of screen that would best suit your purposes, feel free to contact our sales representatives, who can provide additional assistance.

Please also ensure that you discuss lead times with your sales representative when placing your order, as there may be delays in supplying some of the more custom products.




  • Square & Slotted Screens
  • Grizzly / Double Wire Screens
  • Trommel Screens
  • Special Screens


Square and Slotted Screens
Our screens come in a wide variety of sizes and openings. Standard openings run anywhere between 1/8” to 4”.

Slotted screens are also available.If you do not know your outside hook measurement, or hook type, and are unsure on how to find it, click here for more details.

Slotted Screens

Slotted screens are used primarily for wet sand or heavy clay conditions. The slots create a greater open area to more easily allow the material to pass through.

A Cross Slot screen has the slot running across the material flow, whilst a Long Slot screen has the slot running parallel to the flow.



Thanks to our custom weaving looms, Continental Wire Cloth is able to offer a variety of heavy duty grizzly screens. These screens are used in high impact applications where single wire screens fail prematurely due to shock loading.

Grizzly screens are manufactured with abrasive resistant spring steel wire. These wires are woven in tandem, which allows the load to be spread between two wires at the point of impact, thus reducing, or eliminating, wire breakage.

Grizzly screens provide improved shock loading and wear resistance, compared to single wire screens, whilst having more open area than rubber screens.

Grizzly Double Wire Screens




A trommel screen, also known as a rotary screen, consists of a woven wire screen that is rolled into a drum shape.

Physical separation of material is achieved as it spirals down the rotating drum. Smaller particles will exit out the sides while larger particles will exit at the far end of the drum.

Screen Sizing

In order to properly size a trommel screen, need to know two key things: diameter across the opening of the trommel and the height of the rolled screen.

Alternatively, if the unrolled dimensions of the trommel is known then all we need to know is the length, width and the dimension you want it rolled to.

Please note that we provide all our trommel screens with an extra 6” of overlap to ensure proper fit once rolled



In addition to the screens we manufacture ourselves, we import several other types of specialty screen, including:

Wedge / Profile Wire

Profile wire is excellent for separating wet material from dry material. The wet material will fall through the screen, whilst the dry material passes by over top. The major advantage of profile wire is that any product that is smaller than the opening will pass through without plugging it up.

Rib Decks

Rib decks have a rigid, fully welded construction. They are non clogging and the continuous apertures allow for a greater open area than most screens. They are primarily used in vibrating equipment & provide accurate particle sizing and dewatering.

Sieve Bends

Sieve bends are extremely effective for static separation and dewatering. Only particles that are about half the aperture size will pass through the screen.

Centrifuge Basket

A rotating and vibrating screen used for maximum product dewatering. Wedge shaped profile wire ensures unrestricted passage of liquid without clogging.

All special screens are imported on demand, and longer delivery times typically apply. Please allow enough lead time to compensate for this delay.



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