Welded wire mesh is a more economical alternative to woven mesh, as it has a less costly method of production.

Hardware cloth, often known as bird screen, is a term for welded mesh consisting of smaller openings.

The most common grade of welded wire mesh is galvanized before weld, which is best suited for interior applications where it is not subject to extreme weathering, while galvanized after weld mesh is better suited for outdoor applications.




  • Hardware Cloth
  • Basic Steel Welded Mesh
  • Galvanized Welded Mesh
  • Stainless Steel Welded Mesh


Hardware Cloth
If you're looking for a lightweight welded wire mesh, hardware cloth might be the product for you.

Manufactured from thinner wire, with smaller apertures, it has a wide range of potential applications.

Welded Wire Mesh



Basic Steel Welded Mesh
If you need to weld welded wire mesh to a frame, or want to galvanize or coat it after manufacturing, basic steel welded mesh is the right choice for you.

Welded Wire MeshChoose from a variety of aperture sizes and wire diameters, supplied in 36" and 48" widths.



Galvanised Welded Mesh
If you aren't using welded mesh for food preparation or processing, and you need something corrosion resistant, galvanized welded mesh is a good choice.

Remember that fumes from welding on galvanized steel are toxic, so always take appropriate precautions.

Welded Wire Mesh



Stainless Steel Welded Mesh
Stainless steel welded mesh is a little more costly, but it is food safe and very corrosion resistant, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.

We sell welded mesh with various apertures, manufactured from various wire diameters, and in sheet and roll stock. If you are not sure what you need for your project, feel free to discuss your options with your sales representative.

Welded Wire Mesh



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